ITS 3 round tournament, Opatija, Croatia

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ITS 3 round tournament, Opatija, Croatia

Post by Krofna » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:21 pm

Hey guys, I wanna invite you to a tournament in Opatija, during the Liburnicon festival.
It is gonna be held on the 19th of august (I know, kinda in the last minute), arrival/registration is in 11:00, start is at 12:00.

Its a 3 round ITS tournament, joint ops, no spec ops. The missions are following:
1. Highly Classified
2. Supplies
3. Firefight

Currently we have 6 people, with one on the standby. We can accomodate up to 5 tables, so 10 people max. Depending on people from Zagreb, we might need one or unlikely 2 terrain tables. I recall fondly of the white SystemaGaming table from the tournament I attended.
The entrance fee is 30kn (4 euro) which is also the entrance for one day of the Liburnicon festival.
Reward is ITS pack, maybe something more.

Its a first tournament held in this part of Croatia, so come, enjoy the sea and festival, crit some nasty buggers. Its a starting point for future tournies.
As it is also a show for festival atendees, they will be allowed in the tournament space and might ask some questions, but we'll instruct them on no touching and disrupting the games too much.
The atmosphere will be relaxed, depending on the players we might have longer rounds, with a minimum of 2h per game including deployment.

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