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Re: Everything Guild Ball

Post by RedDragon » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:22 pm

Turnir na Dunaju. Tole bo podobno kot v Grazu, kjer se igra več sistemov. V soboto je WMH, v Nedeljo GB, poleg tega pa so še drugi turnirji ala 9th age, 40k...
The Guild Ball Vienna Masters takes place on July 9th 2017 during the Vienna Tabletop Masters 2017 at the Louis Braille Haus (Hägelingasse 4-6, 1150 Vienna). The tournament is limited to 16 players.
Entry fee is 10€. Tickets are given out on "first come, first serve"-basis. The sooner you pay the more likely you get your ticket. The time of preregistration is not relevant for this. Details on payment options (cash, money transfer, PayPal) will be published any time soon.

You can preregister via posting in this thread or sending me an email ( stefan [dot] riegler3 [at] chello [dot] at ). Keep in mind that you only secure your ticket as soon as you pay.

For our international guests: please, send me an email if you want to participate. Communication is easier for both parties that way.

Further information:

Regional Cup Season 3
Deathclock (45min)


Provisional schedule (there may be slight changes regarding lunch break):

Sunday July 9th 2017

08:00-08:50 Registration
09:00-11:00 Round 1
12:00-14:00 Round 2
14:10-16:10 Round 3
16:20-18:20 Round 4
Award ceremony afterwards

If there was an undefeated player after the third round, the tournament would end prematurely and the award ceremony would move up in schedule. There are going to be tables for casual gaming after the award ceremony.

Gaming time is measured via Deathclock. Each player has 45 minutes gaming time per round.

Participants should bring:

+ Tape measure, dice, templates, tokens for all other relevant game effects. Tokens should be placed next to the model/unti that is affected for the sake of clarity.

+ We have timers at every table but players are allowed to bring their own chess clock (app).

+ It goes without saying but we want to point it out once again: spectators should only communicate with players of an ongoing game in a language that BOTH PLAYERS of said game can understand. Conversations between players and spectators should be kept to a minimum during a game in progress. If a spectator catches a wrong interpretation of rules/quarrels between players/etc., he or she should immediately inform a TO/judge!

Entry fee: 10€
You can pay the entry fee via money transfer of PayPal. Please, send an email to "stefan [dot] riegler3 [at] chello [dot] at" for details on this matter.

Awards and prizes:

* trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
* vouchers from our sponsors
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Kdo je za akcijo? ;)
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Re: Everything Guild Ball

Post by novi » Tue May 09, 2017 6:28 pm

UPDATE pravil

http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php ... date-9517/


1 Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal
2 Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots
3 Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives)
4 Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player

Rooster size = 10

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